Father John’s Animal House hopes to give every person the opportunity to be a part of our mission. We understand that not everyone has the time to volunteer, or may just live too far away to help. If this describes your situation then we are happy to let you know we’ve designed a new volunteer program that gives you the chance to help us from the comforts of home! We are calling this program our Father John’s Animal Advocates. 

As an Animal Advocate, you would need to be signed up as an active annual member to gain exclusive access to our Animal Advocate Facebook Group. Members of this group will be able to view  and share our posts promoting our fundraising events, solicitation events, donation pleas, educational opportunities, and various volunteer opportunities. You would also be the first to know about and have access to sign up for any special events or new services offered through the shelter. You can help us reach even more people in the community by sharing these posts to expand the impact of our mission. 

As an advocate you will also have the chance to attend a private tour of our facility we will have once a month after business hours. This way our Animal Advocates can see first hand the life saving work we do on a daily basis. We will also give each Animal Advocate some custom Father John’s apparel so you can promote our mission online and in person!