Naming Opportunities!

Do you have the perfect pet name? For a donation, we'll use it for one of our adoptable animals, and send you updates about their journey!


Do you have the perfect name for a pet, but just no more room in your home to put them to use? Consider sponsoring one or more of our animals, and you'll have the opportunity to name them!

Go to our donation page and select your donation amount. We are asking for a donation of $250 for the opportunity to name one animal, and $500 for 2 or more (such as a litter). Please designate whether you'd like to name a cat, kittens, dog or puppy (*please note that it is VERY rare that we get unnamed dogs and puppies. If that's where you'd like your names to be used, we will certainly honor that, but please be aware you may be waiting for an undetermined amount of time for those names to be used).

Once we receive your donation and names, we will add you to a list and use them in the order they are received, depending on the animals we get in. We will keep you up to date with photos and when they're adopted, so be sure to include an email or alternate way to contact you!

*Father John's reserves the right not to use any name that may be deemed inappropriate, or that is too common, to avoid confusion. 

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