Puppy Training Seminar

Do you need help training your new puppy? We can help!

Father John's Animal House 10AM - 12PM

Are you looking for some help in training your new pup? We have partnered with Peace of Mind K9 to help!

Topics that will be covered:

- Picking the right puppy
- Crate training
- Potty training
- Leash walking
- Introduction to obedience commands
- Handling for vet/groomer
- Socialization vs. exposure (appropriate socialization)
- Exercises to build confidence and problem solving skills

There will be live demonstrations of how to apply the training and see dog behavior in real time!

$75 per person and up to 15 people can attend - call 973-300-5909 to reserve your spot!

Note taking and questions throughout the seminar is encouraged for all! Visit https://www.pomk9.com/puppy-training-seminar for more information.

Location Details:

50 Father John's Lane

Lafayette, NJ 07848