Seniors for Seniors

ANY SENIOR (65+) WHO ADOPTS A SENIOR PET WILL RECIEVE 50% OFF THEIR ADOPTION FEE! Give us a call or speak with your adoption counselor to learn more!

Father John's Animal House advocates for all animals regardless of breed, health or age. As part of our "Still A Best Friend!" program, we work diligently to find homes for senior dogs and cats who may need additional medical care, or who have simply lost their own human companion.

We pride ourselves on providing our adopters with the highest quality experience and our animals with the highest quality of care. With "Still A Best Friend!", we ensure that adopters seeking a senior pet understand the unique requirements of their special companion. Over the years, we have found that people tend to be more willing to adopt a senior pet if they know that the animal has received beneficial medical care in advance of adoption - we do that.

Father John's never gives up on our older pets! Donations and specialized grants help us provide the necessary care so they can show their best colors to potential adopters. We ensure that senior pets receive all the opportunities of younger animals so that they will experience love through their golden years. In addition, this may be especially beneficial for humans in their golden years as well - studies show that owning a pet, especially for five years or longer, may be linked to slower cognitive decline in older adults.

We know that senior pets can be the most easy-going and compassionate animals that just want to be a part of your family. If you seek the love and companionship of an older pet, please indicate as such on the adoption questionnaire below!

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50 Father John's Lane

Lafayette, NJ 07848