Additional Programs

Below are a list of the additional programs we offer here at Father Johns.

Kitten / Cat Foster Program

One of the biggest ways you can have an impact on the homeless animal population is becoming a foster for cats and/or kittens! This is especially crucial during "kitten season" - the spring and summer.

Did you know that 80% of kittens are born outdoors? Many of those kittens will eventually make their way to Father John's, and more often than not, they come without their mom, meaning we need lots of "surrogate moms" who can help care for them until they are ready for adoption!

Kittens come to us as young as a day old, and until around 4 weeks of age they will need to be bottle fed, then syringe fed until they can eat on their own. After 4 weeks, kittens begin to eat on their own, but would still have to be fostered as they are unable to be vaccinated yet. Once in a while, we get a feral mother cat with her litter who need a place to stay as well.

Sometimes, we get semi-feral kittens, between the ages of 5 - 12 weeks, who can care for themselves but need to be socialized before going to their forever homes. This difficult yet rewarding job means that their foster will need to show them that humans can be their friend and are nothing to be afraid of. We also occasionally have adult cats who also need to be socialized in a similar manner. 

Are you interested in helping out one or more of these age groups? Just fill out the form below to help us determine the best placement for both you and our kittens/cats! We will reach out by your preferred method of contact when we have animals who need your help. You will be added to a list and we will reach out to you as we need help. *Be sure to fill out the form by clicking "Visit their Website" below!* 

Please only fill out the form if you are interested in fostering multiple times, not just once for a kitten you found - if you have found a kitten, please fill out our surrender form instead.

Can't foster but still want to help? Consider sending some much needed supplies from our Kitten Wishlist!

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Lean on Leon

In 2022, Father John's started becoming proactive, rather than reactive, to pet homelessness by opening a low-cost spay/neuter clinic. In 2023, we created Lean on Leon, to help support individuals who may be struggling to afford food and other basic necessities for their pets.

Named after our dedicated caretaker, Lean on Leon supports food pantries and other non-profits by donating food that we are unable to use at the shelter (we only use poultry based protein, so any beef, fish, etc. food we are able to donate to those in need). We are also able to donate items that we may have a surplus of (including bedding and toys), or that we are not able to use at the shelter (such as leashes and collars, as we use slip leads for the dogs here). In doing so, we hope to help people retain pet ownership, so that their pet never needs to come to a shelter like ours.

Currently, we support Benny's Bodega, The Grateful Shed, as well as several other animal rescues. If you're interested in partnering us, please fill out the Lean on Leon application found here

Low Cost, High Quality Spay/Neuter (and more!)

Looking to get your pet spayed/neutered without breaking the bank? We can help!

Father John's facilitates access to lower cost spay/neuter as well as other veterinary care services! For an additional fee with your spay and neuter, you can opt for a variety of vaccines, dewormer, some medical tests, and more! Included with your spay/neuter is also a free vet exam!

It's easy to sign up! Just click the link HERE to learn more and fill out the form/submit your payment. All prices are laid out on that page. Within approximately 48 hours, you will receive an email to the email you provide on that form with your surgery date as well as pre and post op instructions for your pet. Please be aware that we only operate on Wednesdays, and we tend to book up several months in advance, so be sure to submit the form TODAY!

(This service may be especially beneficial for anyone who cares for feral or community cats. End the cycle! Spay and neuter to save lives!)

Canine Behavior Consult Program (CBC)

Purpose: Father John’s Animal House believes in a strong animal-human bond that is built through empathy, patience, understanding and communication. Adoption is a life-long decision that will require an owner to navigate behaviors they may have little to no experience working with. At Father John’s our team consists of expert canine handlers that counsel potential adopters on general dog behavior and training. However, we know that adoption is just the beginning.  That is why we have developed the Canine Behavior Consult Program. The goal is to keep dogs in their new homes and out of the shelter.

Procedure: With his program an adopter will be contacted roughly a week after adoption to check in on how things are going. Should the adopter indicate they need advice or assistance with their newly adopted dog’s behavior, one of the FJAH team members will have a phone conversation to offer guidance. The team member will keep an accurate record of the issues and the advice given. This is meant to help track progress.

However, should there continue to be difficulty in the home, FJAH partners with a professional dog trainer that will be able to schedule a meeting at the adopter’s home for a 1-hour consultation funded by FJAH. The FJAH team is to determine the severity of the issues and if it should be elevated to the trainer. Again, the goal is to keep dogs in their new homes and out of the shelter. 

Senior Pets - Still a Best Friend!

RIGHT NOW, ANY SENIOR (65+) WHO ADOPTS A SENIOR PET WILL RECIEVE 50% OFF THEIR ADOPTION FEE! Give us a call or speak with your adoption counselor to learn more!

Father John's Animal House advocates for all animals regardless of breed, health or age. As part of our "Still A Best Friend!" program, we work diligently to find homes for senior dogs and cats who may need additional medical care, or who have simply lost their own human companion.

We pride ourselves on providing our adopters with the highest quality experience and our animals with the highest quality of care. With "Still A Best Friend!", we ensure that adopters seeking a senior pet understand the unique requirements of their special companion. Over the years, we have found that people tend to be more willing to adopt a senior pet if they know that the animal has received beneficial medical care in advance of adoption - we do that.

Father John's never gives up on our older pets! Donations and specialized grants help us provide the necessary care so they can show their best colors to potential adopters. We ensure that senior pets receive all the opportunities of younger animals so that they will experience love through their golden years. In addition, this may be especially beneficial for humans in their golden years as well - studies show that owning a pet, especially for five years or longer, may be linked to slower cognitive decline in older adults.

We know that senior pets can be the most easy-going and compassionate animals that just want to be a part of your family. If you seek the love and companionship of an older pet, please indicate as such on the adoption questionnaire below!

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Puppy Training Classes

Father John's is partnering with Peace of Mind K9 to host a 6 week puppy training class!

Adopted a puppy recently? This class will teach you the basics of puppy training, such as obedience commands, leash handling, confidence building, and more! Classes will be held at Father John's, starting May 22, 2022. Call us at 973-300-5909 to sign up!

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