Volunteer at Father John's Animal House

Our mission here at Father John’s is vital to our community and volunteers are crucial to the success of that mission. The role volunteers play for our shelter is invaluable and something we are always in need of. Helping care for neglected and homeless animals is a huge responsibility and we couldn’t do it if it was not for the generosity and dedication of people just like you! Please continue below to see more about if volunteering with our organization will be the right fit for you. Remember, no one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

If you are planning to volunteer as part of a group, such as with a school, please have the supervisor/group leader fill out the application below and indicate this would be for group volunteering. We currently have groups come on Wednesdays.

PLEASE NOTE: While we value everyone that desires to volunteer their time for us, please understand not everyone might be able to have the opportunity. Whether your availability falls outside shelter hours, you don't have the time, or you live too far away to make a regular commitment, there's still ways for you to help support us! Consider becoming a member today or becoming a Father John's Animal Advocate! 


Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a part of the Father John’s family. Volunteers are a vital part of our organization’s success. Please follow the steps below and let’s get you helping us save lives!

*All Volunteers Must Be 18 Years of Age or 13 + with supervision*

Volunteer Opportunities

Reception Duties 

This responsibility will require volunteers to have excellent customer service skills, strong attention to detail, and must be organized. Volunteers assisting with reception duties will be responsible for recording voice messages, transferring and assigning messages and emails to their respective departments, making copies of adoption paperwork, creating animal charts, answering general emails and providing information to the general public about shelter services.  

Kennel Attendant

This job requires volunteers to help assist with the morning cleaning duties for our kennels. This job will require you to be able to stand and bend for 2+ hours, pay close attention to the cleanliness of the environment, work with potentially hazardous disinfectants, and be directly exposed to the animals. It is a dirty job but one that is definitely needed to help keep the animals in our care healthy. Cleaning is done from 8:30 am until completed. 

Dog Walkers

Regular mental and physical stimulation and exercise of our dogs is needed for their health and wellness. This position will require volunteers to pay close attention to their environment at all times, stand, bend, and walk for 2+ hours, have the ability to lift 25+ lbs, be able to follow explicit staff instructions on proper handling, and have the ability to withstand all types of weather. We walk the dogs daily whether in rain, snow, or sunshine. Please dress appropriately! Dog walking is permitted each day after 10 am. 

Cat Cleaners 

These volunteers will be helping our staff and other volunteers clean the cat enclosures to help keep them healthy. This is a labor intensive job that will require you to stand and bend for 2+ hours, have the ability to lift up to 25 lbs, work with potentially hazardous disinfectants, and be directly exposed to the cats. Volunteers fulfilling this position should also have a calm demeanor as cleaning the enclosures can sometimes be stressful for the cats. Staff are always available for assistance if ever necessary. Cleaning is done from 8:30 am until completed. 

Cat Socializers 

Volunteers socializing our cats play a vital role in the well being and friendliness of the cats in our care. This position requires that you have patience, a calm quiet demeanor, and the ability and willingness to follow explicit instructions from our staff and more experienced volunteers. All cats will need to be socialized in different ways and we will be happy to show you how this is done for each of them to ensure yours and their safety. 

Supply Drives / Donation Solicitation

This job requires our volunteers to be friendly and outgoing as they will be engaged with our constituents and donors face to face. It is important that these volunteers are knowledgeable about our mission here at Father John’s to be as effective as possible as a representative for our organization. Usually this position will require you to sit for 3+ hours and load / unload donations to and from our shelter van or your own vehicle. These volunteers must also comply with all regulations defined by the organization that is hosting us for these events. 


*Other volunteer opportunities include general housekeeping duties such as washing dishes, laundry, sweeping and mopping, organizing donations, filing paperwork, taking pictures and videos of the animals, transporting animals to and from vet appointments, stuffing envelopes, and general landscaping responsibilities.

 All volunteers should be aware that there is always a risk of injury when involved with the direct care of the animals. Accident prevention is everyone’s responsibility so please ensure you are abiding by all safety protocols outlined in the volunteer handbook you are given at the time of your training. 


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